A Tune of Twilight

As the night drew in, he felt the warmth of his fingers, his hands, and again tender arms moved. The tavern his castle, the stool a throne, he plucked out the music of love lost- never forgetting that time was fleeting. With a flurry of motion, the yellow-stained gittern sighed as nimble fingers played master to the strings. Moments later it would thunder with the … Continue reading A Tune of Twilight

What about the ‘Group Thing?’

There’s a blanketed solitude in the process of writing.  When you’re deep into the creation of a thing, that could mean nothing more than ‘you’re the only one in the room,’ but sometimes the actual idea of being ‘alone’ creeps in- usually when you sit back to aimlessly stare at what you’ve just strung together. I too find this harsh at times.  But, at the … Continue reading What about the ‘Group Thing?’

The Coffee

With the weight of a thousand elephants, I pull myself from the bed.  The darkness surrounds me like a cold blanket- a harsh transition from the blanket I was once under.  These are my moments of bewildered fumbling before I even reach the bathroom.  Then there’s the light.  Not something soft like a new morning sky, no, but much closer to a punch in the … Continue reading The Coffee